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Micro-Learning is the process of learning through small focused steps. Micro-Learning is more than simply bite-sized training assets. Each lesson is short and concise, about 3 to 5 minutes long, and offers just the right amount of information necessary to help a learner achieve a specific, actionable objective.

We consume an overwhelming amount of information on a daily basis - so bite-sized content is the best way to cut down on information overload and achieve real performance improvement.

We at skillx believe everyone learns differently so there's a variety of content. Types of micro-learning content include text, presentations, infographics, video, audio - whatever you learn best from.

Our extensive research findings show that you learn best from the experience of people similar to you or those one step ahead of you in their careers. So we aggregate the content users share and then curate it, and show the things you need. The content is created/shared by users who are experts in their fields, then curated by us so that you get the best content.

We are currently an invite-only platform. You sign up, we vet your profile and then you receive an invite to the platform. Based on your profile, we invite you to create/share content related to fields you are experienced in. We also have our own expert content creators who create as well as curate content on the platform.

Our mobile-first micro-content approach enables learning on the go (or knowledge snacking). Further, we tailor the experience to you - the kind of content you work best with and the things you need to learn.

Our proprietary AI algorithms factor in your current skill level, your learning habits, your career goals as well as the content liked by users one step ahead of you in similar career paths to give you the best content recommendations.

We believe in learning for all - so we charge you only for premium usage and expert-connect, micro-courses. Plus, the usage fee is lowered if you are an active contributor on the community - providing quality content. Want to learn in a team of 5 or more people? Contact us at hello@getskillx.com to get special Team Pricing.

We are in Beta Testing phase currently so we are starting with industries that move the fastest and are familiar to us. So that we can personally curate the content for you. We'll include other industries soon! Sign up and let us know your field of choice so that we can include your field next!

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